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Delivering Measurable Business Results
Bonavista Business Solutions delivers measurable business results to its clients through improved customer service, increased sales and revenue and reduced operating costs. These results are realized through customized solutions including people, process and technology strategies and programs. The following outline some of the specific strategies,programs and initiatives where signicant measurable results have and will be delivered to Bonavista Business Solutions clients.

Business Process Improvement
• Reviews, redesigns and implements Customer Service Delivery, Sales and Operational processes
• Designs and implements Attendance and Performance Management Processes
• Develops and implements Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Programs
• Develops and implements Business Continuity Plans
• Conducts Employee Skill set and Responsibility Reviews
• Conducts Outsourcing and Off-shoring Analysis

Technology as a Business Enabler
• Leads Technology Needs Assessments
• Leads implementation of ACD, IVR, Work@Home, CRM, and CTI platforms
• Leads implementation of Workforce Management, Quality Management and Knowledge Management Systems
• Leads implementation of Customer Contact Management and Customer Care and Billing Systems

Customer Satisfaction
• Creates and implements Customer Care Strategies
• Creates and implements Customized Customer Service Standards
• Implements Customer Courtesy Call and Quality Assurance Programs
• Designs and leads initiatives to increase Customer Satisfaction

Increased Revenue
• Launches new Products and Services within Sales and Support Channels
• Implements Sales Platinum, Customer Retention and Save Teams
• Develops and implements Sales Training and Coaching Programs

Employee Training and Development
• Creates and implements Training and Development Strategies
• Implements Customer Service Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Employee Development Programs

Employee Satisfaction and Retention
• Creates and implements Employee Work at Home Programs
• Conducts Market and Internal Compensation Reviews
• Designs Incentive Programs based on sales, quality and efficiency
• Designs and implements Reward and Recognition Programs
• Creates Recruiting and Marketing Programs for targeted labor markets


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